Hi Guys, does this make sense? I want a highly performable Voice.

ModularGrid Rack

Not especially, no. It really doesn't make sense to "gap out" 8 hp, either, given that that's a very common module size and 8 hp of those = more functionality while 8 hp of nothing = pointless expense and a waste of cab space. The other thing that makes no sense is that this will cost over $4k once the Make Noise case is factored in, when you could just get something like a MatrixBrute for half that, and it'll accomplish the same end result with far less hassle. Plus...more VCOs; you DO realize that this build has the exact same VCO complement as a Roland SH-101, right? And that those...even in the constantly-overheated "vintage" market...routinely come in at less than 1/4th of that $4k pricetag?

Like I've said many, MANY times...modular synths are cool and all, but they're not a panacea. And this is a very good example of why they're not.