my latest release, made on my rack

Hi Aphew Goodman,

Thanks a lot for sharing this. For some reason when I clicked on your link, the music started to play with the track #4 "The Tribe", a very nice and impressive start! I love the creativity in track #3 "The Merry" and track #7 "The Welder is a pretty high energy track ;-)

Perhaps most interesting is your track #8 "The Anti", full with nice and interesting sounds!

Well done! I wish you good luck with making music. Personally I wouldn't mind to hear more of The Anti or at least music into that kind of direction but that's just my personal taste.

Oh yes, have you done all with a modular system?

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hey Garfield Modular,

Thanks for your feedback, glad you listened to and liked some of my tunes. I recorded all the tracks with my modular rack + a Nord Drum 2, which I triggered with either the Just Friends or Pam's New Workout.
And for sequencing I primarily used the OP-1.

Thanks again!


Oh how curious!! Looks like we both released full albums on the same day... I wonder what the chances are given it is only a few weeks since we were taking about Branches - hope that's working out okay for you :)

Listening to your LP now and enjoy it so far - cheers :)))

Modules for sale:

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You can find my modular synth album here - enjoy!

Thanks for the feedback and your link, listening to your album right now and I like what I hear :) Branches is still with me :)
Cheers, Gabor