I tried to make a little jam based on a dance electronic music classic from the 1977 with my eurorack modular synthetizer, Supernature by Cerrone, after I recenlty watched Climax, a great 2018 movie directed by Gaspar Noé.
The video has been recorded in one take with a GoPro cam and edited with some parts of the Climax movie as a little tribute to both movie and music.
never stop modular experimentation
Patch notes:
- Drums: Telharmonic N out (snare), Pico Drum (kick & hit-hats)
- Sequencer: beatstep (lead), rené (bass)
- Main Voice: Loquelic Iteritas through QPAS
- Second Voice: DPO final out
- FX: morphagene custom reel through Antumbra SMOG
- reverb: Erb-verb
- additional modulations: Maths, Zone BF, Function, Wooglebug, micro o_C
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Electronic music/video producer and composer.
Dark Ambient Cinematic atmospheres from Sardinia.

Ciao Mebitek,

He, he, the good old 70's :-) Nice video demo with your music. Didn't know that people where doing modular synths on a boat and that under quite stormy weather ;-) (Just teasing you)

Thanks a lot for the sound details how you build your voices, interesting to read!

Thank you very much for sharing and kind regards, Garfield.