First of all, love the site. It was obviously created with some passion, creativity, and incredible attention to detail. Thanks for making it available to us!

I was wondering if it would be possible, or how difficult it would be, to add a parameter to the advanced search function. Specifically, power consumption. Sometimes, when you're getting close to a full rack, you might be pushing the limits of your power supply.

It would be really nice for example, if you were looking to add a module from a particular function category, but you wanted to put a max limit on the power consumption. Perhaps a sort option could be added to sort by power draw. Either option would be helpful; both would be even better.

Thanks for considering my suggestion.

I don't really come from outer space. It's a condition of mental divergence.

Good idea. Considered!

+1 i just came here to use the "sort by power" feature and was disappointed to find it wasn't there. would be useful for someone making a diy power supply to see what modules wouldn't function on a low current rated supply, for example. please and thanks!