Some abrasive improvised modular drums with an accompanying analog glitch video I put together today. Should have mixed the bass a little higher, but whatever... It was recorded on the fly.

Hi Farkas,

He, he, nice effects and funny video, very creative!

Ha, ha, after thousand years or so people find this back on an electronic scrapyard and they feel by then pity there is so less left of the video material; not knowing you did this on purpose ;-)

Looking forward to your next creativity! Kind regards, Garfield.

Love this!
Minimalist, essential, no decorating superfluous kind of stucco melodies around.

This track (and the birds in the video) reminds me an 'old thing' I did a few years ago.
May I introduce to you the glorious and glitchy 'Vorwerk Chicken'!

No modular at that time.
Btw, DFAM and Basimilus involved in your 'Trees And' I suppose?


Hi Sweelinck,

Thanks a lot for sharing your "Vorwerk Chicken", that's lovely creative! :-) There is a lot to discover in that track, it's the not so obvious approach that I like here a lot!

Do you have more of such nice surprises? Thanks a lot and kind regards, Garfield.

Thanks for checking it out Garfield and Sweelinck. Vorwerk Chicken is definitely a cousin of my track!
This one was made using the Moffenzeef Mito to sequence a Buck Modular DrumF*ck and the Loquelic Iteritas Percido (which is too quiet here). I was just messing around and it sounded cool, so I recorded part of it.
I just finished a new video that I may share later.
Thanks again and take care!