Hi Aphew Goodman,

Oh my goodness! I love this! And your percussion skills, that's definitely something to be jealous about. I wish I just had a few percent of your percussion skills :-)

From a music type, point of view, it's different kind of music but I think you might appreciate music from "Die Wilde Jagd" (band name), that's electronic music with percussion and the percussion is making the music fantastic there too, like your demo here. I know, different styles of music but if you have some spare time try out Die Wilde Jagd, you might appreciate it :-) The big pity is that they only have so far two albums released that's indeed not much however top notch stuff.

By the way, you forgot to mention the OP-1 ;-) Nice one too!

Now you made me so curious about your percussion skills versus electronic music, now I "want" more demos to hear from you :-D

Thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

P.S.: You are welcome regarding your other demo.

Hey Garfield,
Thanks for your feedback and kind words - I'm kinda humbled and in all honesty, while I may have some percussion-skills, I am not overly talented. Back in the day I played drums in a band or two but as it happens I'm just about to sell all my drum gear. I'm more and more attracted to electronic percussion though, I think, if done with feel and good timing, "not programmed percussion" can make the whole set a litte more organic. If I ever make it to the stage again, I'll have the Nord gear up there with me. As for this video, my time and groove were not the best, thanks to the camera, I'm much better when it's not rolling :)
Thanks for the tip on Die Wilde Jagd, I listened to a few of their tunes and I love what I hear. I'd say at points it's krautrock reinvented, other times it's pure experimentalism. And I love German lyrics, eventhough my German skills are weaker than I'd like them to be. Still, my long-time favs include Einst├╝rzende Neubauten and Rammstein :)
My recommendations: Electro Guzzi (a trio from Austria I guess, they play techno-ish tunes on mostly regular instruments, the Nord Drum+Pad included :), and Brand Brauer Frick, another band with classic/traditional instruments playing very tight, "programmed-like" music. I love when there are no rules in music and diverse universes meet in harmony :)
Thanks again and alles cute! :)
Cheers, Gabor

Hi Gabor,

Thanks a lot for your recommendations on music, I will check those out (I am a bit slow on that, so that might take a while; but of course Ramstein I know ;-) ). Another band that impresses me with their usage of electronic sounds and also their quite good recording quality of their albums is Yello. I am not always too much fond of their music style but they have some very interesting tracks, with tons of nice electronic sounds to discover in their music and because the recording of their latest albums is quite crystal clear so it's really enjoyable to listen at them doing their great job :-)

While writing this message I was listening at some of the Elektro Guzzi stuff and yeah, that sounds pretty interesting, I think I am going to try out one of their albums. Thanks again for the recommendation!

Kind regards, Garfield.