I’m new to modular and would like to build a generative/ambient system. Would this design work or do I need more utilities? Or did I just smash a bunch of stuff I thought was cool together into a useless brick? Kind of shouting into the void here any insights would be greatly appreciated.

My basic question is will this configuration make sound. Is that the right kind of output module? I just want to make some beeps and boops y’all.

Oh, sure...it'll make sound. It just won't be nearly as controllable as you need or do what you have in mind. This has no VCAs, lots of modulation sources but little in the way of what's needed to properly control/attenuate them, no mixer, no no no no...not exactly a "useless brick", but not really anywhere near what you're looking for, either.

First up, delete this rack. Then, before proceeding again, spend a considerable amount of time in the forums (especially in "Racks") looking at threads which deal with generative systems. There's quite a few here. Get a good idea of what's REALLY necessary for this by observing the efforts of others who've created successful builds. And study what modular synthesis really requires; simply tossing modules into a cab is a great recipe for monetary loss and closet filler, and NOT a good synth. Also, if you're trying to do "generative", look into how that music is created...modular-wise, digitally via software such as Koan, Wotja, various Ableton setups, etc, and so on. If you don't understand the methods in play there, you won't be able to sort out how to implement them in hardware.

Lugia thank you for the guidance. This is the kind of feedback I was looking for. Consider this pile binned!