I like this option for a portable palette case. I could do generative stuff as-is on the go, or pair it with an 0-CTRL at my desk to add more control. The biggest downside besides the lack of sequencer in the case is the omission of Ears. I would have to load my field recordings onto a SD card and import via Morphagene rather than just transferring straight from the recorder. However, this method would import stereo field recordings, which is an improvement over my current Mono setup. Morphagene and Arbhar have enough gain that I should still be able to sample audio from my phone.

Another downside is that I can only easily mix the two stereo voices. If I really want to mix in a third external voice (or Three Sisters), I could run a mono output of Morphagene through Arbhar (after filtering and/or FX) to mix with the Wet/Dry knob and mult the third voice to mix with the two regular voices via the VCAs. This allows me to use the built-in effects on Arbhar. I could also go the other way if I want to forgo the Arbhar reverb and add effects to everything together after Morphagene. This would allow Morphagene to output stereo.

Stereo mixing will typically be done with the two VCAs. Arbhar and Morphagene have their own level control, so the lack of knobs is not a problem. If I want to actually use the VCAs as VCAs, I will have to either mix with the wet/dry knob procedure described above to leave both free, mix mono Arbhar and Morphagene to leave one free, or use the Duatt to mix one side instead of one of the VCAs, which would leave me without offset control for Arbhar effects. I can’t think of many scenarios where I would use both the VCAs as more than simple mixers, except for fading between the two voices in stereo, which would actually be pretty cool. Regardless, they fit nicely in the case to allow for the stereo mixing I need.

PNW acts as a VCA for its own control voltage and Arbhar and Morphagene have built-in VCAs. As such, I would only use the VCAs with the Noise Tools and the external 0-CTRL.

PNW now has smooth random, so the Noise Controls module is less important, but still fun. I could still use the slew with the 0-CTRL.