It seems as though several of us recently found the Rossum Electro-Music Panharmonium. Others are creating some really great stuff with it. Here's my first attempt to patch it in my new Structure EP-420 case build.

For this patch, I pushed Trident and DPO through QPAS. For an additional voice component, I brought in a Zoom H2n mic while my kids were talking nearby. All three voices are run through Clouds, Panharmonium, and Mimeophon for reverb and delay. The kids' voices add a semi-random texture to the other two oscillators. A simple two-step sequence from Rene plays Trident and DPO while all other pitched notes and modulation are created using DivKid øchd and Pamela's New Workout. I add additional texture and modulations by playing Intellijel Planar over the patch.

The @Pittsburgh Modular Structure EP-420 is a beautiful case. I cannot overstate the presence it has in my studio. It's a -big- case that you can really wander and swim around in when "fully stocked." I raised mine with 2 inches of foam and parked two Moog Mother 32's in front of it. They fit like a glove.

Panharmonium is deep and I have a lot to learn. It can be a massively complex drone engine, so I had to snag it. We'll see how it goes!

Hope you enjoy the track.

Hi Mowse,

You wrote: Hope you enjoy the track.

Ha, ha, that's a large understatement. This is far beyond enjoying your track, this is at the kind of level of almost can't believe it, that kind of good and in addition of course very, very enjoyable!

This track sounds so good to me that I wonder why you not trying to publish this commercially? Perhaps here and there a twist and it's ready for sales :-)

Nicely done and what could one wish more to start a fantastic weekend with than a track like this?

Garfield's motto: yet another track like that ;-)

Thanks a lot for sharing this and providing such a good start of the weekend! Kind regards, Garfield.

Thank you for the kinds words. I do appreciate it. Anytime I have considered publishing something or making an album, I think maybe I can improve a bit more in some way. Maybe soon I'll feel ready to give it a shot. Thanks again!