I have a small question.
I have the rack as I showed here:
2 rows, in each row a Dynamix, Mixer and VCA.
The out of the Dynamix goes into the mixer, other sources also go to the mixer, the mixer goes through the VCA and the out of the VCA goes to the Rosie, and the Pico DSP is used with the send/return from the Rosie.

My problem is that both channels are now processed by the Pico DSP.
The output of the rosie is line level 1/4 inch stereo output.

What I would like to have is a small mixer with 1/4 stereo line level input, and also double eurorack 1/8 mono imput.
And mix that together to a stereo (1/4) output with a crossfader knob/slider.
anyone know a single module with that possibility?
I know I can use a double IN and double OUT with a stereo mixer.
But that is a lot, I prefer to keep it in about 4 a 5 hp.

Btw, it are 2 independent rows, when I need to travel, I can take only the row with the rosie, and do not need the extra unprocessed line, but at home with more gear, it would be a good option to mix a line level with eurorack in the rack after the rosie.

Any suggestions ?

I think I take it to another direction.
If I add the Doepfer A-138S (Stereo) mixer with panning, I can use that also for other puposes.
But I can mix the 2 Return signals hard left and right, and add 1 or 2 other signals the way I like (left/middle or right).
That seems to be more flexible then my original wish.


Maybe an even better alternative is the Make Noise XPAN.
But at the moment I do not think I have the budget for it.
The idea behind it is a little better for me, and I like the Aux in for decentralized mixing.


So for now I think the next purchase is the Doepfer A-138S, then I can concentrate myself on other area's in the rack.
Maybe it will bring some noise, but for now it will be enough.