Hi folks,

I'm reaching out to ask for ideas to build on my current set up.

The original plan was to build a powerful 3 oscillator monosynth (done) then proceed to get weird. Sequencing and effects are catered for outside of the case.

If it helps to list inspirations, Synth Sense and DAAT have been in rotation for a hot minute. Long story short, I like it when synths sound like synths, and I'm open to all types of synthesis.

There's a whopping 88hp left in the case. What would you do to fill the space?

alt text

Edit: For some reason the third oscillator isn't showing.

Instruo Harmonaig would tie those three oscillators nicely. An Expert Sleepers Disting (Mk4 or ES) is a great modular multi-tool. A Low Pass Gate like a Make Noise Optomix will give you different timbres than just using filters. A complex oscillator like DPO or CS-L can produce some great ring mod, AM/FM sounds. I personally love harmonic oscillators like the XAOC Odessa or the Verbos (my fave brand right now) modules and free running LFOs like Erica Synths Black Octasource or the DivKid Ochd.

It all really depends what sounds you want to sculpt though. There are infinite directions to go from here. Analog/digital/subtractive/additive/whatever

While outside FX are nice, I find it much easier to keep everything in the case, especially when there are really great modular solutions. A Mutable Instruments clone called Typhoon (Original MI Clouds firmware + the two alternate firmwares, Kammerl & Parasites), Make Noise Morphagene & ErbeVerb, Strymon Magneto (also a pedal tho) all come to mind and would add some nice depth to the case.

Absolutely brilliant ideas. Thanks MNLO.

I really like the look of Verbos. They've seriously nailed function and form. I'm a fan of the Harmonic Oscillator (and their whole system!), so perhaps the case will take a stroll down that street next.

I'm easy in terms of direction. I suppose one path I'd like to explore is implementing the classic techniques (subtractive/fm/additive etc.) with gritty digital sounds reminiscent of the 80s/90s era of bit-depth/sample-rate restricted technology. Any thoughts?

In all honesty though, I don't want to steer the thread too much in order to hear ideas that simply wouldn't have crossed my mind before. The only real criteria being what have people found to be particularly great sounding and fun to use.

It's your thread, so steer away!

I have a bunch of Verbos modules and they're great, but they are quite the investment for someone just starting out. If money isn't a problem by all means, get them, but there are more affordable options for similar features.

You can also download VCV Rack and explore many different sounds in there without opening your wallet. All of the Mutable Instruments are available in there (under the brand "Audible Instruments"). Many other IRL modules have VCV Rack analogs.

If you are interested in AM/FM, you might want to get a complex oscillator. They all seem to be based on an old Buchla 259r, so the difference in tone is what you'll want to focus on. I've had both the DPO and CS-L and I personally prefer the CS-L, but my buddy prefers the DPO. It is all person taste. There is even a Verbos and ACL complex oscillator. There is an old DivKid livestream out there where one of the guests had 2 oscillators to do the AM/FM stuff and then went to a single complex osc and was blown away by the difference. (I think it was James Ciglar on DivKid Modular Podcast #6 - Oscillators).

A Pam's New Workout with the Pexp expander might be a better solution than the Yarns, depending on what you want to do. Pam's by itself is a great multi-function module.

I had to look up DAAT and SynthSense, but if I found the right stuff, you might want a sampler like 1010 BitBox or an ALM Squid Salmple. I have the Squid and it's amazing. Then something to trigger those modules (external hardware includes a BeatStep/KeyStep Pro, or modules like a Euclidean Circles, Pam's New Workout, or even something like a Winter Modular Eloquencer.) I see you said sequencing is taken care of externally, but those 4 jacks on the Yarns get used up very quickly. I personally keep everything inside the case.