Hello Everyone! Long-time user, first-time poster here on modular grid.

I have been making music with modular synths for about three and a half years. Currently, I am developing my system to work well in live situations and in conjunction with external sounds and instrumentation via Little Mikey*.

To date, I have been using a rosie as my output module; I like that it can be used as a line out or headphones out, and I have used it to plug directly in to a house PA system no problems. I have a 7u 84hp intellijel performance case and have been using the rosie as a basic end-of-chain mixer, but I recently ordered a verbos scan & pan and am looking to free up some space by getting a smaller output module.

Of course I have considered the intellijel 1u options, specifically the Stereo Line Out and/or the Headphones 1u (do I need both? can I use headphones with the output jack in the Performance case with the Line Out module?). I am also kind of interested in the ALM hpo, but am not sure if I would miss the 1/4" out.

Anyone care to share some experiences? Thoughts? Stories? Anyone curious about the same things?

Happy to be here!


 * if anyone is looking to sell an expert sleepers Little Mikey contact me :) *

Hello Mudmux,

Welcome to the forum :-D

Well... you could start with the Stereo Line Out module only and then see if you miss the Headphones, if yes you buy that one too :-) You don't have to buy everything in one go. It's advised to take it slowly and buy only a few modules in one go, get experience with those and the (re-) adjust your opinion on those you still want to buy, and then buy again a few, etcetera.

Sorry, can't help you with the ALM hpo, don't know that module, perhaps someone else who got it can help you with that one.

Good luck with modular synths and kind regards, Garfield Modular.