ModularGrid Rack
Hello all,
New to modular; I recently bought a Lifeforms SV-1b and I’m already imagining all kinds of possibilities for building and expanding.

I’m pretty sure I want to stick with 6u / 104hp max for now, and although I’m currently interested in a more melodic kind of ambient sound, I’d like my setup to have the potential for other styles as well. That said, I have no idea what I’m doing; what dumb mistakes have I made with this rack?

My current worries: Too many MI clones? Not enough utilities? Am I trying to cram too much functionality into this space, or not enough? Something I’ve missed entirely?

If anything about this rack makes you go “...huh?”, please let me know!


Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

The Lifeforms SV-1b is a powerful and wonderful machine. Two oscillators, a juicy filter, envelope generator, VCA and mixer, basic utilities, midi/cv, and more. Personally, I really dig what I'm hearing from this update to the SV-1.

Here's my advice: Go slowly.

10 Learn and master this powerful landscape
20 Push it until you have a moment where you reach for something that is not there
30 Take note of what that something is
40 Add that something to your landscape
50 GOTO 10

Share some of your experiments and results. We'd love to hear what you're making with the SV-1b!

Thanks! That actually is really good advice. I’ll see what I can come up with before jumping off the deep end.