Really enjoying this patch, in no small part this is the product of the divided gates coming from the #PittsburghModular #MicroSequence, gates hitting the #ALM #PipSlope (Tweaking the PipSlope to let more of less thru) which is opening up #MutableInstruments #Veils to let through the #MakenoiseSTO and the #2hpARP pattern. The twinkly blippy beats come from the #AddacSystems #Tnetworks103 going through the #2HpVerb. Main beat is also the T-networks with hats percussion coming from the Roland TR-09. The PipSlope also tweaks the #HappyNerding #HNVCF. There is also some of the STO routed through the ADDAC105 and mixed with its output before heading to the #Erica #PicoDSP

And as usual, its time to pull all the plugs and delete the .wav files :)

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Oh yes! I am enjoying this track too, I keep repeat listening at this track :-)

You got a lot of nice sounds in this track, well variation of sound usage and you keep the listener here at the tip of the chair, so exciting to listen at it, well done!

That casing... is that an ADDAC casing? Looks pretty nice! Let me know the details if you don't mind.

Thanks a lot for sharing and kind regards, Garfield.

Thanks again...

I designed the case, its internal dimensions and layout, and my neighbour made it from MDF. I plan to stain it and maybe varnish, I bought some Red stain thinking it might look cool and tested it on a bit of scrap MDF.... looks really crap! So Not red! Doh! :)
There is room to stack more case rows on top and room at the front for a horizontal skiff.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

That sounds like a very nice DIY case project, luckily you tested that red on a bit of scrap MDF first :-)

I am a bit jealous that you got such a nice and good neighbour ;-)

Enjoy your case and kind regards, Garfield.

A quick patch with the 2hp RND

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Such a small module, so big & nice results! Nice one, again.

Around 0:38 some percussion kick in, how do you do the percussion in this track? Sounds pretty good to me.

Thanks a lot for sharing and this is a nice closure of my weekend :-) Kind regards, Garfield.


If you mean the Hats then its from the Roland TR-09.

I put the Patch notes on the YT page:
The new module in the rack is the #2hpRND #Eurorack #ModularSynth, at the moment I don't understand it enough (I feel I need a scope to see whats going on) but anyhow... The RND gates are clocking the Euclid which in turn is clocking the RND. Two sound sources STO which is getting some smooth output action from the RND which then goes ono being messed with in Monsoon Clouds and a fair bit of Ochd LFO hitting the Clouds. #ADDAC105 Quant output from the RND to the CV, then its getting Clock hits and LFO. ADDAC013 on the little plinky bits that are panned left and right (DNiPRO DOT controlling), Bass beat is also the 103 with a little light hats from the Roland TR-09.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Ah yes, the TR-09 :-)

Thanks for explaining the details, interesting to read how you come up with settings and configurations. Kind regards, Garfield.