A generative patch run by Wogglebug with various modulations of Optomix, QPAS, Panharmonium, Clouds, and Mimeophon. Our two oscillators are Rossum-Electro Music Trident and Make Noise DPO.

Hope you enjoy it!

Hi Mowse,

Wow, after you catapult me back in hyper space, I just arrived at planet Xydrtop 4A9, zopple it. Zopple is your best friend here in hyper space what google is down to earth ;-)

But you must have been on Xydrtop as well (I hope you brought your towel along with you!) because when I just arrived here early this morning (earth time, GST) then I just heard this very kind of similar music. I actually decided to stay on Xydrtop because of the beautiful music and noises here. Since you managed to do the same back home on earth, I think on the long run... I might come back to earth and enjoy more of your beautiful ambient and experimental noises :-)

Well done! And by the way, if this is what you just do during an evening. I am wondering about what you can manage to do in a week holiday time? ;-) Kind regards from Garfield, Xydrtop 4A9.