Hello guys !

I'm pretty new to the "modular world" but i find it exciting.
I'm going to start a 84HP "cheapo" eurorack (with the Doepfer A-100LC3 Low Cost Case)

I need yours advice to build a "basic" system to start, cheap as possible, Max 500-700 euros ...(my budget is very...well...not very modular :)

A 84HP to start playing with, learn basics, experiment, etc...
And i can improve it, after some time (and money save )
Do i have to go "full" doepfer ? Some module are essential to start?

Thank you guys for your time ;)

PS: if you can point me to "cheapo" example "racks" here on modularGrid racks page, that would be cool

Welcome soissons!

As for how to start I can tell you what I did: I collected used Doepfer modules (and anything else cheap I could find). I just wanted to avoid sinking thousands into new gear while figuring out if modular was for me. After I had a basic collection I got a (new) power supply and built a case out of cardboard. -

That said, you will first want to get the most basic modules : Oscillator, envelope, filter, lfo. Depending on what you want to do you will need some kind of note producing controller to actually play notes. Like a keyboard, midi interface, sequencer or even an lfo and a quantizer to give you stepped sequences of notes out of continuous voltages.

And no, you don't have to go full Doepfer (or any other brand). The beauty of modular is that you can combine any modules from the same format. Since you named Doepfer that would be Eurorack which IMO is a good start because it is cheaper than other formats and it has the greatest variety of modules to choose from (currently something like 800, not sure)

Hope that helped?

Doepfer has ready made systems too: http://www.doepfer.de/a100se.htm
Pittsburgh has what probably ist just enough to be called modular: http://www.thomann.de/de/pittsburgh

My own 2x84 rack of around 50% used stuff looks like this: ModularGrid Rack
I have around 1200 EUR in it.

Thank you wiggler55550 !

You helped a lot !

Yes i go for Eurorack, like you said, a lot of choice.
The Doepfer starter kit is nice...but i think a part of the pleasure is to build it, am i right ?

So basically, for a good start, i need :

  • Oscillator module
  • Envelope module
  • Filter module
  • Lfo module

Again thank you for the infos and your time

i think a part of the pleasure is to build it, am i right ?
That's what I thought and still think ;-)
Don't stick to my list too much, it's incomplete.
Just looking at the starter systems will get you an idea of what to get.

Starting something new is alwas fun. In my case it's not so new anymore
but the fun kept coming. Only your own experience will tell what is right.
Your system will change anyway as you go along and learn.
Just allow enough time to learn the modules you get,
because it's the player, not the gear.
Fun to you!

Somehow didn't think of this earlier. There is a guy with the handle
The Tuesday Night Machineswith who has a series of very useful videos on modular on youtube:

Don't forget to get VCAs! Make sure to get a decent CV keyboard controller device
and sequencer/sampler as well.

I too am working on planning my first modular setup. For now, just using my 0-coast and Elektron gear.