PAM settings [these are saved at bank p]
ch1: EStep=17 ETrig=cv02 ERot=cv01
ch2: EStep=16 ETrig=cv02 ERot=cv01
ch3: EStep=15 ETrig=cv02 ERot=cv01
ch4: EStep=12 ETrig=cv02 ERot=cv01
CH1-4 are x2 and RSkip is set to 5%

CH5 /4
CH6 /2
CH7 x4

CH8 x1 : Wave=rand , Width=28%, Rskip=23%, Loop=03

DUDE is the gate mixer for CIP
inputs 1, 2, and 3 are from gate section of BPS
input4 from Numeric repititor output 4

input5 from RCD first output

the two DIVKID modules are my DIY mutes module

$$ DUDE output goes to Integra Funkitus input2

Disting algorithm is F6 [quantized shift register]

BPS Seq2 Gate output goes to Integra Funkitu input4
BPS Seq2 Pitch goes to Neutron OSC1