Hi! I just got the semi-modular Moog system (DFAM, SubHarmonicon, Mother32), and I am planning right away to expand it.
I know synthesizers, but I am new to modular. I am planning to use the system for both live and studio, and I will use an external mixer to start.
Current set-up:
SYNTHS & DRUMS: mentioned Moog system (in transit, not delivered yet), Minitaur, Minilogue, MB33(with "personal" sequencer), Model: Samples.
FX PEDALS: H9 Max, MF Ring, Arena Verb.
EURORACK CASE: 2 rows Rackbrute.
The eurorack would be mainly an "expander" for the current set-up, but in the future, I am planning to create both a mono synth out of it, as well as drum parts.
Here is what I've thought of starting with, but my knowledge is limited.
Erica Pico MScale: CV converter specifically for Moog semi-modular;
Intellijel Quad Invert: seems like a functional utility;
Intellijel Buff Mult: same as above;
Intellijel Quad VCA: Powerful VCA & Cascade Mixer;
MN Maths: No brainer. Master utility. Attenuator, Envelope fol/gen, LFO, etc.;
PM LFO2: the Moog boxes have almost no LFO's (Mother32 only), so I've thought to add another LFO (along with Maths) to keep things moving;
Strymon AA1: for FX pedals (and external synths/guitars?);
Mannequins 3 Sisters: unbelievable filter, I cannot even imagine what happens if paired with Moog ones;
Erica LINK: simple unpowered converter to send straight into the external mixer.
I feel like I miss an attenuverter and a substantial envelope follower (don't want to have Maths doing EVERYTHING).
I'd like to have an oscilloscope as well; which are the ones that can do multiple tasks?
For VCO's, I will abuse the Moog ones for starters. I don't feel like I NEED a sequencer to start.
Is there any fundamental module missing in the system? What are your recommendations? What would you do if you had my set-up and wanted to expand? All tips and ideas are welcome. I am so excited about getting into modular; I literally cannot wait to hear the voice of the community.
Thank you all!

I'm going to piggy back on this thread because I'm basically doing the same thing; though in a smaller / different way.

Currently I've got more semi modular and "not semi modular but has a few sync / gate / outputs)

Semi-Modular (or ish):
- Moog Mother 32
- Moog DFAM
- Arturia Minibrute 2S
- Novation Circuit Monostation (some outputs, but not really semi modular)

Groove Boxes
- Maschine Mk III and a whole whack of expansions / Komplete Kontrol / Computer based stuff
- Novation Circuit

The Thought:
- Of my wishlist of things, subharmonicon is next and I was thinking about doing the 3 tier case and being done with it. Then I noticed they have a 4 tier rack and figured "Hey I could add the 60HP and get some modular bits of pieces to very slowly baby step into eurorack".
- I've been looking over some other threads in here and noticing folks getting stuck in fancy module syndrome, or missing pieces, so I'm definitely looking for help!
- I'm aiming to start small, semi modular is my friend because it's all there - with physical knobs, and enough patching to make that part fun but without starting full eurorack and thus requiring a lot more initial outlay of cash
- I'm also not afraid to be told to get another Mother 32 and run everything into an audio interface and do effects with Ableton or Logic VST's.

I started a 60 HP rack with a few modules well liked by some youtubers I follow; added the uZeus for power, Maths because everyone seems to love it, Quad VCA because more VCA's is good - but I am totally open to suggestions.

The Big Question: Am I completely off track? My main goal is to enhance the rack of lovely sounding Moog gear, and other semi modular gear I have or buy in the future; Effects, Quantizing, Fancier Sequencing, maybe a little mixing (though I also plan to move from an audio interface to a mixer so I could simply pipe all the audio out of things into that as well as including guitars/bass/other things.

ModularGrid Rack

Thanks everyone in advance for the help!

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It's not a bad idea...as such, you don't have to have a complete voice in this, since it's just a "sidecar" for the Moogs. However, you're missing a KEY PART...an Erica MScale, which is a bidirectional I/O for the Moog CVs which can be somewhat different from standard Eurorack. Take the mult out (you should get some inline mults instead...this system is too small for dedicated panel mults) and put that in instead.