Heya, been accruing 1U utilities for my Intellijel 7U. Think I have most of the basics out of the way to start considering the more fun stuff, but I honestly haven't thought a ton about that yet, I'd like to just be flexible enough to tackle different sounds as I swap things in and out and just -experiment- eventually.

Wish I could get my hands on a MIDI to CV 1U but it seems hard to get right now. I'm still on the fence about the Multi FX 1U so consider that optional


Top left are things at my disposal, bottom left are on order, bottom right are current desires. My two favourite things are futzing with sequencers, and filters. I very much so wish to build around the Morphagene, or possibly put a heavier focus on granular synth stuff in the future.

Besides that kinda thing I'm fairly diectionless on a particular sound (besides maybe avoiding very traditional hard synth layout) and am waiting for a local sale soon to pick up other less specific utilities and see what I can get. Thoughts on where to head in the future? On top of this I have the 0-coast and the KSP to fill in other gaps.

ModularGrid Rack