Currently, my rack looks like this
ModularGrid Rack

The two Gristleizer modules (filter and VCA) are borrowed, so I have been thinking about a permanent filter. I think I have settled on a Joranalogue Filter 8, and have been wondering what utilities would help to get the best out of it.

Beyond that, the next purchase is likely to be a mimeophone, as a delay/reverb seems like a sensible addition ( probably accompanied by a smallish stereo mixer, perhaps a Doepfer a-135-2 M)

Any suggestions gratefully received

The Filter 8 is a modulation hog...throwing some more LFOs/envelopes at it would be useful. Also, the Filter 8 is pretty much the same thing as the STG Mankato, so it also outputs signals with different degrees of phasing. This makes it useful as a device for generating cancellation signals as well as a VCF. It's worth having, but my choice for ultra-screwy filtering has to go to the Intellijel Morgasmatron. First up, it's a filter pair, sort of like the Sallen-Keys on the MS-20. Secondly, it has some very interesting patchpoints, notably CV over resonance which I'd like to see more of out there. Another "sleeper" filter is Doepfer's A-106-1...another Sallen-Key pair version, but in THIS case it offers an insert point in the resonance path, allowing you to screw around with processing the filter signal ONLY. These pair wonderfully with delays; you could have the 106-1 causing the delay to degrade in quality with every single repeat, for example.

Honestly, you might find the Filter 8 and 106-1 to be a pretty excellent combo, given what each has as their "special trick".

I just picked up the Industrial Music/Harvestman Bionic Lester MK3 and that is one crazy complex and deep dual filter that can do a million things. For LFO, I really like Batumi Quad LFO a lot and IME Kermit MK3. Both have quad LFO options and the Kermit can do even more like function as an envelope, S&H, oscillator and more. But lots of programming so have to be open to a super deep module.

Thanks for the suggestions. I certainly wasn’t expecting that a another filter would be a good thing to pair up with a Filter8. Something to think about when I’ve got a decent delay installed.
For now, it looks like I shall have to up my LFO/envelope game. Shall start doing some research, but initial thoughts are that MI Stages or the Xaoc Zadar could be put to many uses in my rack. The Kermit looks like a beast, but maybe a bit fiddly to use - certainly merits a deeper look.

Thanks for the suggestions. I certainly wasn’t expecting that a another filter would be a good thing to pair up with a Filter8. Something to think about when I’ve got a decent delay installed.
-- SJ900

Yeah, but the Filter8's capability for phase-shifting waveforms has loads of abuse potential. For example, let's say you have three filters that you want phasing at the same rate, but not the same phasing position. With the Filter8, you can open it up so it's not filtering and then use that phase network to turn ONE single LFO into THREE that do exactly that. Take your outputs from the 0, 120, and 240 degree points, and there you are! For modulating things like effects (triple chorus, anyone?), this is a big asset.

Ahh - now I understand. I’m away from my rack at the moment, so have had to think through the patching in my head.
I could use my Disting EX as a pair of filters (or choruses), and the miniBrute’s filter as a 3rd. However, I suspect I need some better in-rack mixing to tie it together. Maybe a Doepfer a 138-s, or an Intellijel mixup perhaps? It would also be interesting to see what happens when panning the off-phase filters left and right.

I own both the Intellijel Morgasmatron and the Joranalogue Filter 8.

If I had to pick one and give up the other, I'd keep the Morgasmatron. The Morg is actually TWO multi-mode filters that can be used independently, in series, or in parallel. The Filter 8 has just one set of controls/inputs that feeds 8 types of simultaneously available filters. The Filter 8 offers more precision, better modulation options, etc. But it's definitely not as flexible.

I don't regret either of them. But being able to call up a low-pass AND high-pass filter is much more common for me than need a 6,12,18, and 24 dB per octave filter all in the same module.

Exactly, Ronin...the Filter8, to me, has always seemed more of an asset to tinkering with modulation signals for that phase shift aspect. It IS a "filter", but like its forebear, the Mankato VCF, the other uses are WAY too compelling.