ModularGrid Rack

Would love to get some comments on what modules might compliment what I have in this case? I think it is going to generate some very interesting sounds.... I don't know why the picture does not show up. Sorry..
Dr Space

Do you already have this selection of modules? Or are you planning to get them?

The biggest immediate need I see is for some modulation sources, and VCAs. I'd suggest something like Pamela's New Workout (8 linked clocks, LFOs, etc.) or Quadrax (4 modulation sources which can be anything from envelopes to LFOs, with lots of CV possibilities, along with something like an Intellijel dual VCA, or Veils, Tangle Quartet, or any other multi-VCA module. There are a million options out there, but these are crucial parts of any modular system.

Ola.. Yes.. these are ones that I have. I just don't have the case for another week or so. Ok.. great. I will look into a VCA then. Thanks for the advice.
dr space