Messed around with modular today after work and came up with some fun tones:

The Cursus Iteritas is one wacky module can get flutes, trumpets, percussion and birds out of that module. Very different than the percussion focused BIA.

Hi Sacguy71,

Interesting sounds you got there! He, he, and in every video from you I see you are using the Anti-Oscillator and the Borg filter :-)

Nice work and hope to see more of your videos. Kind regards, Garfield.

Thanks Garfield!
Yeah I try to use my modules together even as I build. The Anti-Oscillator is like multiple VCOs plus VCA vactrol (I think) and LFO built into one module with wave shaping options as well. I love it. I do wish Malekko support was better. So many issues with Varigate 4+ and Malekko Quad envelope. At least Intellijel support responds as does Noise Engineering with my questions. WTF is up with Malekko anyways?