The main objective here was to get the Hats909 to be something more interesting than the 909 high hat, which was mostly achieved with the help of the Doepfer LPG. Disting is playing the drum loop into Font, while BIA is everything else. All sequencing and triggering from Pam's with various switches. (There is also a mixer and a Sherman Filterbank out of shot, supplying extra filth to the drum loop.)

(apologies for all the time my arm is blocking the camera....)

Here is the rack; but the second row does not actually exist -- the Tetrapad is waiting in a box for its time to rejoin the fun.

ModularGrid Rack

(Seems that the preview image above is not upto date -- click on it to see the real rack...)

Hi The-Erc,

Wow, that's quite amazing to create such a sound track with a rather small rack, well done! :-)

What's your experience with the Sherman Filterbank, is it worth the investment? Does it has something you can't get done with a Eurorack filter module?

Thanks a lot for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Thanks for listening Garfield. With enough modulation anything is possible :)

I like the Filterbank a lot but it is less flexible than you might hope. If you want smooth creamy sounds better look elsewhere. If you want disgusting filth, the Sherman has you covered. Probably better to treat it as a distortion box that contains a filter rather than a filter per se. (I have one of the original model Filterbanks; I have heard the mk.2 version has a wider usable range of sounds.) I bought it along time before I got into Eurorack, so I'm sure there is a module that can do similar things, but I don't know what module that it is. It has some decent possibilities for external modulation, but at line level, so it's a bit of a pain to incorporate into a Eurorack setup.

Hi The-Erc,

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with the Sherman Filterbank with me. It actually sounds like an interesting distortion box pity though for the difficulties to incorporate it into a Eurorack...

Thank you and kind regards, Garfield.