Hello, can any one please help with patch ideas for this modular. Appreciate the guidence and ideas.
Thank you

Hi Iheartopone,

I am sorry that I can't help you. That's not because I don't want to help you but because I don't have even one single module of those you have here. I think before one can help you, he/she need at least half (or more) of your modules to provide you with some patch ideas. So that might limit here the number of responses you will receive, but let's see, perhaps you are lucky and there are a few members who have (all) your modules.

Another idea might be, that, instead of asking for patch ideas, you might want to rephrase your question so you will have a higher number of responses.

Kind regards and good luck, Garfield Modular.

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Well.. I'll ignore Garfield's advice and suggest what I would do with this. I'll ignore the FH-1 since I don't really know what it does, but I expect it gives you many more possibilities!

  • Circadian rhythms Clock and Reset outs to the corresponding ins on the Knights Gallop.
  • Knight's gallop outs to the triggers of the Pico Drums
  • Pico drums out into the Pico DSP, and from there into the mixer.
  • All 8 channels of the Circadian Rhythms go into the Basimilus Iteritas, two of them passing through the Invy on the way (I suggest : Pitch and Morph)
  • BI output to the mixer.
  • I guess you could use the uMod2 for CV mangling, but since everything is under sequencer control in this patch, that seems like a waste. Instead let's use stack cables to take the output of the BI and the Pico Drums to the ring modulator and send that to the other mono channel on the mixer.

Now you can make some techno :)

Thank you for your recommendation @the-erc I appreciate the attempt. Can't wait to try this patch!

Hi @the-erc ,

I have tried your patch and its sounds so good!! Thank you for the direction. I'm going to experiment and add my op-1 by teenage Engineering using FH-1 expert sleepers to generate additional sounds! Cant wait to explore further.

Thank you

@Iheartopone -- It only sounds good when you put some good sequences in it, so congratulations :)

Dear @the-erc Thank you I've been enjoying so much.

It helped a lot. I have added and changed things up a bit. This is my current set up.

how would you patch this? If you are able to provide any direction I greatly appreciate it.

Million Thanks!!!


Too many modules I don't know here to give any useful suggestions I fear.

Since you haven't changed the voice architecture much I think the audio path from my previous suggestion still works. You just want to insert the Timber somewhere. The BI has a very sonically rich output anyway, so there's not much value in adding it there, but I guess you just have to experiment.

For modulation you have a lot of possibilities -- and still the main target is the Basimilus. So try some different patches and see what you get!

Thank you so much! I appreciate your time!!