I'm interested in how you all would approach this "small rack challenge".

The Problem
The main voice in my small rack is the BIA which, as everyone knows, benefits from a lot of modulation. I also want to add an Entity Percussion Synth which, needs even more modulation than the BIA. So far I have been using Pamela's New Workout as my primary sequencer and modulation source, sometimes supplemented by a Moog DFAM. This works but it's not very playable -- it's quite fiddly and it takes long time to put together a decent bank of patterns to make a tune. Also, Pam won't have enough channels once the Entity shows up.

Get one of those 64hp Pod cases (or alternatively an Intellijel palette (4u x 62hp)) and fill it it with control devices. Like so :
ModularGrid Rack
I already have the Tetrapad (but not the Tete) so that has to go there. Pam and Pexp-1 don't have to be there, but getting them out the other rack seems more logical and makes more space for monsters like the Entity.

I cannot get a bigger rack until I get a bigger house; also that misses the point of the challenge!

I'm making techno, but feel free to approach from your own musical direction.

How would you do it?

Forgot to say : here is the rack this one will be controlling.
ModularGrid Rack

Malekko Voltage Block and PNW would be my choice for this challenge.

Hi Farkas,
I did think about the Voltage Block, but I thought -- perhaps wrongly -- that Tetrapad + Tete could cover most of what it can do, and leaves some space for other things (like a trigger sequencer.) But yeah, it's a good choice.