Fun experiment using Korg SQ-1 and Make Noise 0-ctrl to sequence percussion and lead/pads

Hi Sacguy71,

Ha, ha, your rhythm around 3+ minutes is very nice indeed! I am a bit jealous regarding the 0-ctrl, and you got the 0-coast as well, right? Recently haven't seen that much in your setup, don't you like it any more? I thought that's a pretty nice module! The change of music style around 6+ minute is nice too!

Thank you and kind regards, Garfield.

Thanks Garfield!

I love my two 6U setups but always looking for ways to improve/expand both setups. I need a better sequencer plus more utilities like clock, switch, attenuator/offset, matrix mixer and 1-2 more voices most likely percussion type like a Plaits and Plonk. Looking at Pamela New Workout + VPME Euclidian Circles as that would pair well with the Varigate 4+ in my other rack and two external sequencers. Perhaps add a small FX module for delay/reverb/echo stuff like FX Aid. I am getting better with generative patches that can be modified on the fly easily for live performance.