A new series I am creating for drones:

Hi Sacguy71,

He, he, indeed crazy drones ;-) Just before 1:50 you got a very nice sound there, pity you didn't hold that a bit longer, I loved that!

Around 2:40+ you have there a kind of percussion sound that sounds like a bit of a robot-kind-of-footstep sound, nicely done! :-)

All-in-all a nice experimental jam :-) Thanks a lot for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

Thanks Garfield! Yeah, I learn trial and error and modular world is so crazy experimental compared to traditional hardware synths. Fortunately recreating that lovely drone tone you like is piece of cake. I modulate the NE Cursus Iteritas with LFO from the Kermit and use the Kinks for invert/mixer. Jim and Lugia would be happy to see me making heavy use of the Kinks and Links combo. Thanks to his tip, I bought these affordable smaller support modules and no regrets.

True sound exploration but I love it. I do want more percussion modules and maybe 1-2 voices to finish my setups and of course a clock, sequencer, and support modules like a switch, matrix mixer, etc. All in time. Saving for a much larger case as well.