I am trying to control the pitch of A-110-2 VCO with Octatrack/Cirklon but nothing happens. I connect my sequencers midi out to A-190-4 (midi to CV interface) midi in. Then I connect A-190-4 CV1 to VCO 1V/Oct. And then I connect a wave to audio in of the octatrack. I hear continuous sound without pitch information. If Im connecting Gate instead of CV I hear "bumps" where midi notes are but still there is just one continuous sound. What am I doing wrong?

Hi Miroslav,

I had the bigger brother Doepfer - A-190-5 and had enormously problems with understanding that module, so perhaps you have a similar issue with the A-190-4. I love to work with Doepfer's modules except these A-190-x series...

I also had connectivity problems, one of my problems was the MIDI channel setting with this A-190-4/5 module, so check if your MIDI channel settings are correct otherwise dig the manual again and read through it again. I had done that many times and barely could fix the problems. I exchanged the Doepfer module with a Vermona - qMI 2, so much better and logical than the Doepfer one.

Good luck with the troubleshooting and kind regards, Garfield.

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Hi there,

I have the same Doepfer system that came with the A-190-4 MIDI to CV module and it has been a royal pain to use. You need to navigate the odd menu interface and set MIDI channel to match the MIDI on your Cirklon sequencer channel settings.
There should also be a clock and MIDI setting on your Cirklon and Octatrack sequencer. These have to match the values in the Doepfer MIDI to CV module or it won't work.

I have an Elektron Octatrack and it took a lot of back and forth with Doepfer and Elektron support to get the stupid module to work. I did but decided to get the CV.OCD box which is portable and easier to use. I now use the cv.ocd as it took me 5 minutes to setup and get working with both my modular systems. I do use the Doepfer moduler to record to my DAW as it has USB that works well with Ableton but other than that it is too obtuse for me to use. I will probably sell mine and get a more useful module for other stuff. I highly recommend the CV.OCD box - cheap, easy to use and no cryptic ancient LED screens. Plus it is small and you can use it with multiple modular systems should you ever buy a new case or expand or want to connect to a friend's modular system.