Very nice! How did you do it?

Hi Mog00,

I agree here with The-Erc, very nice track and it makes me curious too, in how did you made this?

Ha, ha, that "rough" sound near the end is cool, lots of distortion? :-)

Thanks a lot for sharing this with us and kind regards, Garfield.

Squarp Pyramid is my main sequencer and clock.

Blackbox 1010 for drum loops and sample trigger (I have a ton of samples collected over the years and little sound machines great for clouds textures).

One gated sample is fed to clouds.
BIA doing industrial distorted mayhem fed through LXd (love the low pass gate)
Modulation duties handled by Maths and Clep Diaz.
Should add intellijel quad vca providing some overdrive.

Hi Mog00,

Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation! How are you getting along with the Squarp - Pyramid? Now with just releasing the Pyramid Mk 3, would you say that's worth the investment and better than Hermod?

Thank you very much and kind regards, Garfield.

I bought the pyramid prior to diving into modular for all my external gear, really love how easy it is to program, but wouldn’t get a hermod as primary for modular. All the modular options are interesting and I may pick up a metron or nerdseq to compliment.