1) ARP 1023 double VCO
2) ARP 1004T VCO
3) ARP 1023 double VCO
4) ARP 1047 multimode filter / resonator
5) ARP 1005 ModAmp
6) ARP 1046 Quad Exponential Envelope Generator
7) ARP 1016 Dual Noise/Random Voltaqe Generator
8) ARP 1006 FiltAmp
g) ARP 1005 ModAmp
10) ARP 1047 multimode filter / resonator
11) ARP 1050 mix sequencer
12) ARP 1027 Clocked Sequential Controller

Not...quite. Remember, the ARP 2500 used matrix switches for patching, and Mme. Radigue frequently would take advantage of the multipling this offers to send control signals to different places simultaneously. It's quasi-admirable that Uli (a very "quasi" guy) opted to put these out, but unless you have a basket of inline mults, you can't get there from here.

Also, Uli's still got some key modules missing from this lineup, as you've probably noticed. Given the source for these, it's also quite possible that he'll never put those out because B. seems to have the attention span of a gnat these days.