I'm a sound designer working in Film and TV, as well as a music producer.
During the recent corona lockdown I bought a Mother 32 to play with, followed by a Subharmonicon and I've seen the attraction of modular. I'd love to build a 4 tier 60hp rack with the two Moog units in to have in my studio at work, so I can experiment with sound design on project - easily sending audio out of my DAW or from field recordings etc and creating interesting sounds to use.

I'd also love to be able to use the rack to write music with - more on the techy house side of things - but I love a wide range of sounds and I'd love to play some cello into the granular units.

This is what I've put together but I keep fiddling and thinking I've missed something so though I'd put this up here to see what people though & look for any advice. Not sure I need all three effects units on the top row but I recently ordered the Endorphin power and the Microcell unit, and was looking to the Maths next.

Thanks for your help!

(Some reason the rack above doesn't look complete like the one once you click through?)

There's going to be a problem right off with this build, and it's a very typical one: Sexy Module Syndrome.

There's plenty of extra modules, to be sure...but you've not put anything in to manipulate THEIR signals. No attenuverters, submixers, extra VCAs dedicated to modulation use, ring mod (no ring mod!?), etc. Part of this is directly attributable to the case scheme, too...you WILL have to sacrifice some of what's there because you've painted yourself into a corner by using these little 60 hp things. There are ways to make good use of them...but this isn't quite it.

Now, as for those Endorphin.es power supplies...first up, they're listed as in "prototype" stage, and as of late, they've been missing production date marks. They're also a BAD IDEA...because a lot of your heat dissipation is done by the front panel, and the larger that can be, the more effectively the module can cool itself. And this is no joke; heat issues are the single worst, most self-damaging things in electronics. My suggestion would be to change the order, and instead go with a pair of 4ms Row Power 25s...same general specs, but with a larger panel for improved heat dissipation AND barrel-jack daisychaining between supplies so that only one suitable external P/S is needed. And they're $31 less.

One other thing, too...there's two sequencers here, but nothing with which to manipulate their timing. No Boolean logic, divider/multipliers, comparators, and the like.

What I would suggest is to stop purchasing IMMEDIATELY. This isn't headed in an optimal direction. Then you might consider rethinking this cab idea; sure, a 4 x 60 Moog tier set might LOOK cool...but in the end, "cool" isn't what you want or need. You need FUNCTION. And the only way to ensure that is to have room to spread out. Sure, leave the Moogs in their cabs, get a 2-tier (or, I would suggest, a 3-tier + one more Subharmonicon. They're useful things.) for the Moogs, and pick up a more sensible Eurorack case such as a Mantis, et al. It won't be quite as unitized as you're envisioning, but it will WORK. And if you're spending $$ on this stuff, "work" is what you want.