OK, yes, this would be something that required some work if implemented, but I think it's worthwhile.

There's a bunch of modules that, in addition to other functions, also work as offset sources. But while some of the modules in a certain class (such as attenuators, a common place where this function turns up) are capable of this, others aren't. Sometimes you see this also indicated by "CV modulation", but that's not really accurate, since all an offset gen does is to output A voltage, and not the actual modulation function itself.

So I think we might need to add a tag such as "Offset source" or maybe just "DC Offset" to indicate when/where these sources are present. There are cases where people might want to look for that additional function...and others where the possibility of having a DC offset outputted would be undesired. And it IS a significant function, offsetting pulse waves from an LFO to function as a +5 clock that falls to zero is one example, and I'm sure there's piles of others.