Looking for suggestions on finishing my first rack

You might want to START the rack, first off. Eurorack modules DO NOT go in an API 500 series "Lunchbox".

Something like this would be good starter point and add few modules
ModularGrid Rack

Hi Sacguy71,

Come on, that's far too small that rack consider at least 3 rows with this small 84 HP width. You, of all, should know, you are saving money for your third rack ;-)

Hi Ssflatte,

Take the above suggested rack by Sacguy71 but create it with 3 rows (instead of the displayed 1 row). Fill up one or maximum two rows and keep at least one row completely empty for future extensions. Don't buy all modules in one go, buy a few, build up some experience with it, adjust (where needed) your opinion and buy a few modules again. Slowly build it up :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

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Hi Garfield,

I know was trying to help new folks focus on few modules at one time before spending a small fortune building Skylab without understanding the basics. I am guilty as well but today my additional support modules arrived so all good.