Hi guys! I'm building a rack dedicate to ambient / relaxing /chill music. The main idea is to have precise control of the sound sources (thanks to an external sequencer going into Mutant Brain) but at same time, when needed, I'ld like to be able to throw in an evolving semi random pattern to an oscillator / effect in terms of v/oct or simply modulation (this is where marbles comes into place). A mandatory requirement is to have at least 2 or 3 effects unit to make these lush and amabient-ish sounds.
Since the case i have is not that big (6U 88hp) compatc solutions will be appreciated.

This is my actual rack with the modules I already have:
alt text

My thoughts:
1) I will probably buy a Pamela's New Workout to fill the first row to free Stages from LFOs duties and to add more modulation sources in general
2) I don't have a droning analog oscillator in the build. I would love to have one. Any compact suggestion? I was thinking about a ts-l.
3) I will probebly sell my Monsoon when the new clouds will be announced.
4) I have just one filter (Ripples). I was thinking about buying a stereo filter (q-pass??? but it's huge :'()

I would get a sequential switch or matrix mixer which are great for ambient.

This looks fun, but I would definitely consider adding more function generators. Pam's + Stages is a great start, along with the Disting EX... but I would add at least one more dual or quad function generator. Maths, Quadrax, Zadar, etc.

Given the oscillators you have, you might be fine with one filter. Plaits has a LPG built in for many of its modes, and Rings gives you plenty of control over timbre as well. Plus you have the Disting EX, which can provide a second filter if needed.

And seconding the recommendation for some sort of switch or similar utility.

I would get a sequential switch or matrix mixer which are great for ambient.
-- sacguy71

Would love to hear/see some creative uses for sequential switches in a max-240hp build. I have one myself that I've generally been using as a modulation sequencer or creating random melodic lines from multiple oscillators. Curious about other creative techniques for them.

I'd be tempted to get a second Stages and link it to the first, but then you'd be done for space.

If you like Ripples, you could take a look at Popple. It's essentially a stereo Ripples in 8hp.