Hello Internet,

Today I got my first module, the Instruo Arbhar. I started to add some modules that I would like to get next, does this community have any thoughts on this setup.

Also, what are some of the best starters.



Yes, I would get a much larger case to start with, perhaps a 9U Doepfer case? You also need more support modules: VCAs, attenuator, matrix mixer, and modulation sources like LFO and function generator. Also, I would get rid of the Rainmaker module way too large for a smaller setup. Replace it with something smaller like Erica Synths Pico DSP or Happy Nerding FX Aid.

Here is a suggestion on your build above to improve it:

ModularGrid Rack

I removed the massive Rainmaker and replaced it with Happy Nerding FX Aid unless you plan on larger case.
-Added LFO with 0chd
-Added function generator- Make Noise Function
-Added VCA- Tangle Quarter is great
-Pamela New Workout: great clock that gives you many other things like logic, Euclidian sequencer, and much more
- passive attenuator

Thanks a lot for the heads-up, I want to wait to get a larger case since I already purchased one.
I've been looking at the Pamela's New Workout and like what I have read about it and the FX Aid too, small form factor for the reverb is a plus.
I want this rig to be more of a side piece to my semi modular gear, incorporate as I see fit to my ambient/ downtempo style.

What is your opinion the mutable instrument & intellijel gear?

Thanks for the input, greatly appreciated sacguy71,



sacguy's version above is excellent... much more functional, and fun as well.

Intellijel and Mutable both make tremendous modules... hard to go wrong with either of them.

Both Intellijel and Mutable Instruments make superb gear! I love my Mutable Instruments Kinks+Links combo for logic and support mixing tools and mults and Plaits is a wonderful macro-oscillator capable of many different synthesis models and can crank out percussion to strings and more. I really like my Intellijel Quadrax module and Plonk is fun as well. I have the Intellijel Quad VCA and mixup are soo useful tools. You really cannot go wrong with these modular companies.