Hi there! I've been following your design for a while. I'm assuming you swapped out the Morphagene for the Nebulae. Are you liking the Nebulae? What's your favorite thing about it so far?

I love it. It is a different thing though.
The Morphagene is a lovely thing but I had it for a few years and needed something fresh. If I was rich I had them both!
MNM is really good to get fast Ambient textures. Also getting random sounding stereo effects can be created fast with it. The Autoleveling function is killer.
The Nebulae is a completely different sounding modul. It is in general a bit more musical and hands on. You have pitch and speed seperate. It is perfect for glitch and IDM with the right samples and patch. The sample lenghth is longer and you can just have a USB stick full with samples without having any special naming of the files ( like in th MNM for instance 'mg1.wav, mg2.wav... ')
Another cool features are the alternate firmwares.

Tschüssi ;)

Thank you for sharing, very interesting 🙂

I'm on the fence about getting a Maths, but have seen some interesting sequencing and harmonic destructuring processes ...

Superb information about both the Morphagene and the Nebulae, thanks for sharing!
I am chasing and uO_C so if you like to share some experience about it too, it would be great!

p.s. really love your music! The Leisure System set was f&%n awesome! I keep watching it again and again or have it palying in the background even when I work!

Do you do much swapping out of waveforms on the Piston Honda? Or have you settled on some you really like and just stick with those? Do you have favorites from the WaveEdit stockpile or do you make your own?