I've tried to add a picture for the Dunlop XL Volume pedal, but the pic I added doesn't show up. If you go to the page for the pedal, my picture is there. A nice, decent rez photo of an actual XL (can confirm; I actually own one). But when you add the pedal on a MG board, that picture does not show up; instead it's a very blurry, upside down version of a different Dunlop volume pedal.

Did the picture I uploaded need to be reviewed or something? Or is this a bug?

Hi Homeslice1479,

You most probably checked that already but just to make sure all options have been checked... did you check with the Panel Selector On option (right upper corner) and then at the left bottom (of the pedal itself in your pedal board overview) clicking on those arrows you can go through the different front panels, you also can't find it there?

If you indeed can't find it there then indeed it might be a bug. Did you then tried to reload the picture?

Kind regards and good luck with the troubleshooting, Garfield Modular.

Edit: Correction/update.

Hi Homeslice1479,

Any update on this matter?

Happy New Year and kind regards, Garfield.