Aloha All,
New to the eurorack universe, and having a great time researching. I have a few questions though, and don't know anyone in my state who is into euroracks.
I've decided that I want to pursue building a eurorack. Ive ordered a case (LC9) and currently possess a Sub 37 in my home studio. I'm not sure where to start however...I've been watching youtube videos and reading on this forum.
My goal is to create a eurorack that compliments my gear including the Sub 37 to make dope melodies for my tracks. Any recommendations for my first few modules? Would I need a Mide-CV gate such as the Doepfer A-190-4 to receive Midi in from the Sub 37? Also, maybe an additional oscillator such as the Tip Top 3000 mk2.
Basically, my question is if I own a moog, what do I not need to get started in the eurorack. All advice appreciated. Mahalo!

If you really want to go modular I'd suggest to sell the Sub 37 and get a Moog Mother instead. I did the same and couldn't be any happier with the choice. The Sub has very limited capabilities to connect to a modular system (the CV inputs are limited to filter, pitch, volume and gate).

The Sub37 is an incredible synth, but it's not 100% the best for integration with a modular, mainly because of (a) it's form factor (it's big and it will be hard to fit it next to your modular); (b) its lack of CV out's; (c) its limited CV in's. It's neither modular nor semi-modular, so while it works great as a stand-alone synth, you can't really integrate most of its functions with the modular in a fully satisfactory way. Of course, you can use your Sub37 with your modular and I'm sure some people do--it's just not ideally suited for that use.

(Note: I have a Sub37, a Little Phatty, two Moog Mother 32s, and a growing modular.)

It really depends on what kind of music/noise/exploration you're trying to make and what you want to do. What would you use the Sub37 to do? That's the key question in terms of whether / how to integrate it.

You could get a Midi to CV module and use the Sub37 as a controller, but it's a pretty big controller and you may not be using much of the functionality of the Sub37. Are you going to have your modular in a case in front of you?

Personally, I find it easier to leave my Sub37 to the side (it's in a completely other part of my studio) and use it for other things. The Mother 32's on the other hand are perfectly designed as a way to get into Eurorack. They easily integrate into a modular set-up and are great value for money. They are small and can be put into a case with your other modules, or can sit to the side. To get a similar number of modules (sequencer, keypad, LFO, VCO, VCAs, mults) would cost a lot more. They can also work as a great extra oscillator for your Sub37 and have a MIDI-in.

So, I would also recommend that you consider getting a Mother 32 and seeing how you like it. You may end up selling the Sub37 or you may end up keeping it -- but probably for non-modular use, I would expect.

I'll echo Snail's comment, a mother 32 would allow you to dabble, you can certainly use your Sub 37 to play a modular live for monophonic lead lines, but you'll have to use module like 4ms PEG or QPLFO for triggered modulation.

Can the Sub37 output CV from the sequencer? or is it just from the keyboard.

Any of the semi modulars that are out at the moment like the mother 32 or oCoast will allow you to test the waters.
Tight intigration with a fix path synth is difficult, but layering a sequenced bed of modular mayhem under and expressive mono synth is most *people's idea of heaven.

*people who frequent modular grid, muffwiggler etc.

I started to wonder what the Sub37 would look like if it was built all out of Eurorack... so I planned it out as a thought experiment.
Wow I think it would be quite a beast, and it makes me appreciate just how much you get in the box!
ModularGrid Rack

--and back to the topic of the actual thread..
I found shooting different envelopes from my DFAM/modular into the Sub37 Filter input sounds awesome BTW.. Also, sending pitch CV from a quantizer lets the Sub37 change keys along with the modular, so that works if you can solo in C on keys. While it might not integrate fully with a modular, with some creative patching it can really sound integrated.

Hope that helps!

Can anyone be of help in syncing the Sub 37 arpeggiator to a modular system?

Currently using Pamela's New Workout as a master clock. I am triggering 2 Pico Drum units with this, and would also like to use this to control the tempo of the Sub 37 arp. Since the Sub 37 has minimal CV in's, I am running PNW -> Doepfer 192-2 -> MIDI out --> MIDI in on Sub 37.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Would the Pexp-1 not do what you need?

My modular consists of just a Mother 32, a second VCO, and some utility modules at the moment, but it is growing. Take my opinion as one of a beginner, but I've had the M32 for a bit now.

I agree with everyone above that for what you get function wise, the Mother 32 is compact and very affordable so its a great jumping off point. You could barely afford a good Moog type filter and VCO for what the M32 costs, let alone the other modules you would need to get rolling. I've had a couple of frustrations though: For lead sounds, the AD envelope with sustain switch is pretty limited for shaping (and since you have a Sub37 I assume that might be important). Adding an envelope means adding another VCA since you can't truly bypass the M32's envelope's affect on the internal VCA. Also, want to add another VCO and hard sync? Well, you can add VCO's easily, but you can't sync them with the M32 which would be nice for tighter bass sounds.

These are nitpicky things, and I really love the sound of the M32's VCO and filter, and being able to rack it with other gear is nice..... but makes me wonder if the Moog Grandmother might be a better intro into modular these days since it is a definitely more "complete" of a monosynth already before you start interacting other gear with it.