I am pretty satisfied with my setup for basic generative ambient patches.
I can easily patch three or four individual voices and have many modulation possibilities.
But I am aware of that my rack is pretty small for more serious generative experiments. But I have no good ideas how to reach a new level.
I will keep my Minibrute 2S and the 6U Rackbrute. I don’t have space for a new large rack but considering a small skiff as a complement.
So now I hope getting some advice what to fill the planned skiff with.
I guess I can afford about ten new modules at an average price around $250.
As I have built my setup almost entierly from advice in this forum I really hope that I can get some more help.

ModularGrid Rack

Boolean logic works on conditional inputs, and can affect sequencer behavior quite a bit. My suggestion would be to build up a small sidecar skiff with some free-run LFOs (like Doepfer's little quad LFO), some random sourcing such as a Benjolin, Turing Machine (the REAL one...not the 2hp version...or a big Greyscale Permutation, which is a Turing variant) or Euclidean sequencer, a few WINDOW comparators (not the basic ones...window comparators give you a lot of gate output options), and some beefed-up Boolean logic so that all of those various gates and triggers can tangle with each other to generate LOADS of conditional gates to operate things such as CV switches, Mutable's Branches, timing behavior, etc etc. Since this is built around a sequencer in the first place, that's definitely where I would start!

Thanks again for good advice!
Do you think I need a Turing machine when I have MI Marbles?
I also have Ladik B-010 Boolean logic module. What ”beefed-up” module do you think could be a complement?

Turing Machines and Marbles are a bit different. They both deal with random signals, but where the Marbles is more like an elaborate sample and hold harnessed to circuitry similar to the Buchla SOU, the TM is more like a sequencer that's being driven by and feeding out randomness. They're CLOSE...but what you'll need there is really up to your methods of working and such.

As for better logic stuff, have a look at https://www.modulargrid.net/e/tesseract-modular-vc-logics Now, this offers two Boolean gates...but you can use CV to control WHICH gating method is in use. So you could actually sequence how your sequencer is timed with a module like this, resulting in a generative timing "feedback" path...plus, you can sequence (or modulate) the VC Logics so that it can change your entire timing behavior across big swaths of the rig, resulting in BIG generative changes to the overall timing. Major abuse potential with this thing...and it, plus some fixed Booleans like the BOOL2 you have or Doepfer's A-166, and a few comparators to "pick off" timing gates based on modulation levels, would really punch the generative timing aspects WAY up!