ModularGrid Rack


so that's basically my Rack so far and it has been a lot of fun. But for now, I want to fill the last 30 HP. I'm thinking about an Grand Terminal, as it would provide me with flexible dual filters and effects. I'm a little concerned about the third set of dual envelopes/LFO's after the fusion modulator and Maths, but at least Maths would be free for more exciting things. So it seems to me, that it would solve a few things at once. For the last 4 HP, I was looking after a Clep Diaz, just because I would like to try some stuff with it in combination with other modules in my case. Has anyone here have some experience with the Grand Terminal? Or since many of you are way more experienced with Eurorack then me, does anyone have different suggestions, maybe even a different direction I should consider taking this?

As always, thanks for any feedback!

How's this?
ModularGrid Rack
The original had nothing much in the way of mixers, so that got fixed. Also, there were superfluous modules in the tile row (buffered mult, scope) that could be better filled by tiles that have some actual functionality to them, so I also yanked all but 4 hp of blank space to add a MIDI interface (could be useful for additional clocking/sequencing) and a Noise Tools 1U, which is where the sample and hold (and noise) is now.

First 3U row is almost the same, save that I moved the Fusion Modulator to the bottom row along with the other mod/control sources, moved the Veils up to the top, then added a ph modular stereo mixer (the output is via a 3.5mm TRS) which ALSO has a proper FX send/return setup so that you can use the Mimeophon or the Fusion FX in parallel when mixing, and not via the wet/dry controls as a direct pass-thru.

Second 3U row...I went off somewhat. I got rid of the Kinks in deference to WMD's Tool Box, which does everything the Kinks did plus WAY more. So, the order now is ES-9, Pam's, Tool Box, then a dual CV controlled Boolean logic module so that you can set up Pam's with a couple of crossrhythmed sequences (or it and the Steppy, etc etc) and use the Boolean gates to form different timing patterns that result from the two inputs "interfering" with each other. Added a Codex Modulex Tides clone next, then Maths, and then three linear, DC-coupled VCAs for the modulation/control sources to work with for amplitude control over mod signals. Then the moved-down Fusion Modulator (it belongs in this row, tbh) and finally, the Mimeophon.

Nearly all of the audio is up top (except the Mimeophon), control and modulation occupy the tile and bottom row, flow is left to right. Lots more solid, more intuitive, and it takes care of a real deficit by adding the stereo mixer, since both the Erica FX module and the Mimeophon output stereo, but there really wasn't a way to get to a stereo result save for using the Erica module as a "stereoizer", which is a bit of a cheat. This should be much more controllable now, and the few additions I've made should open up several new paths for programming in ways that the original simply couldn't do.

Ahh, that's some serious food for thought! Thanks for that! But to clarify, those are the modules that I already own. For now, I'll keep the scope, as it's super handy for me to look what certain things are doing. I'm not quite there's yet to intuitively know all that, so I believe it's a vital part in my learning. However, I may or may not get rid of the buffered mult at some point, if I don't really need it, since there's a small buffered mult in the Fusion VCF. But that's not pressing, as I think, I've got most of the functionality of the Noise Tools covered in other modules. I was also thinking about the 1U Midi, but opted for external Midi to CV with the Keystep and will probably upgrade it to the Keystep Pro, which should have me covered and will work with or without a DAW.

But you're absolutely right about the missing mixer. I somehow started with the DAW focused idea of just running everything into the ES-9 and multitrack it, to mix it further in the DAW, which makes me very dependent on a computer and also limits the flexibility drastically. The FX send/return sounds like a good idea, however, I'm wondering if its worth it, since I could save 6 out of 12 HP if I use the stereo mixer instead.

The VC Logics sounds really fun, definitely looking into that!

Also, I kept all the Fusion stuff in the same row, because I only put it in the case for convenience and will eventually put it back in it's own case, when it's time to start another row. I just tried to tie up some lose ends in that row, so it would fit in one case for the moment.

So I may ditch the Grand Terminal for now and go with a smaller mixer and maybe the FX Aid XL or Milky Way for some effects, which would leave enough HP for another Filter, as I still feel that the one Fusion VCF isn't enough.

Any thoughts on that would be appreciated! (Don't mind the unstructured order of the modules)

ModularGrid Rack