Hi Funbun,

Great video, I love it! Beautiful environment and river, so jealous :-) Of course nice sounds from your AE system that goes along with the video too!

Ha, ha, so bad luck the first time just before 02:00. Better at 04:00+ :-) Oh come on... at just before 06:00 you are making me hungry with that beautiful piece of fish in the pan! ;-)

Good video and nice entertainment, thank you very much for sharing this with us and kind regards, Garfield.

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Daaaamn...that's a serious blue cat there! Awesome eating!

Seriously, funbun, you need to get up to Nashville and try out the rockfish thing down below Percy Priest dam during generation. Won't need a boat...just find a good bank spot and when they sound the siren, get something in the water! Those rocks go BONKERS!

Thank, guys!