Patch Notes:
Erica Pico Drums = Kick
XODES LB5 ➫ Takaab LPG ➫ Dreadbox Splash = Snare
Instruo Ts-l ➫ Serpens Sirius ➫ Takaab LPG = Bass
Calsynth Rangoon ➫ Mimeophon = Ambient Glitches
Mutable Instruments Stages = LFOs and sequential switch
Doboz XIIO = arpeggiator and note controller.
Robaux LL8 = gate sequencer
Super Vcas = vca and mixer.
Synthrotek MIXIV = mixer
Music Thing Startup = mixer , clock generator and aux-in for keys.
Studiologic Numa Compact = Wurlix + Strings

Hi Brunomolteni,

That's a great composition! Adding the keyboard "touch" to it, is a nice element in this music. I feel that the keyboard could sound a bit louder though, it's a bit underwhelmed compared to all the other sounds, other than that, it's great! :-)

Thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

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