Sarah Maria Sun, voice
Neus Estarellas Calderón, piano
Feliu Ribera Riera, percussion
Santi Barguñó, sound engineer
Luis Codera Puzo, modular synths, samplers, composition

Hi Luis,

This is a great piece of music, very intriguing. Quite daring, yet amazing and it is full of surprising sounds and effects. The voice, done by Sarah is really fantastic, so controlled!

Great team work and a beautiful video. Thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

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Thank you for listening!

Wow! That's hardcore. The first thing I had to listen to after this was Zappa's The Yellow Shark - particularly The Girl In The Magnesium Dress. Now I'm listening to some John Zorn. You are keeping good company. :-) I have a huge appreciation for the effort involved in realizing this kind of composition. You all did a super amazing job capturing this piece live. Can't be easy.

Edit: Double wow! I was just checking out some of your other pieces on YouTube and I see my instincts were right on with The Yellow Shark. Very cool Ensemble Modern connection. And while I was there I had to watch Plétora again. That performance is epic!

Thank you, friend! Haha, yes we recorded two pieces with the Ensemble Modern (in one of them appears also Sarah Maria Sun, the singer from the video)! Very nice that you also like "that" side. I really appreciate your listening, thank you!