Hi, I've been thinking recently that I need more CV control. One contender is the Planar 2 from Intellijel. I'm also interested in the Make Noise 0-Ctrl. Both of these would add a fair bit of movement to my patches I think. However, while ruminating on this topic it suddenly occurred to me that I already have the perfect CV controller...

Hi ModLifeCrisis,

Just today I was wondering that I haven't heard much from you when you came with this new great track, yes! :-)

Oh-oh-ooohhh, this moment where that fantastic sound kicks in around 4:38 is just gorgeous! And a bit later in the 5 minutes I guess that just very small loop/sequence kind of thing that's running on the background is a small detail yet so lovely to listen at!

At 8:30+ your question about getting more SQ-1's... well if you like it that much, why not? On the other hand... isn't that a slightly bit pity? You know already what you are going to get, since you have already the SQ-1... how about a Five-12 Vector sequencer, directly get it with the Jack expander, for you? That might be just the nice tool for you?! :-)

Oh lovely ending of this track, so entirely relaxed and satisfied now... this is how every day should end! With this lovely end I am going to take a couple of hours of sleep :-D Thank you very much for taking me onto this sonic adventure/journey and kind regards, Garfield.

P.S.: I agree with your perfect CV controller, us, ourselves, our both hands and that possible bit of grey stuff between our ears ;-) I love to turn myself the knobs as well, so much more direct control, and indeed we all should have at least 8 arms and hands so we can do more manual control of our modular synths! ;-)

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i like it, also the minimalistic approach --- yes sometimes less is more :)