I am going to take my Behringer Neutron out of my rack and will probably sell it, if I can find a filter that is similar in Eurorack format.
Does anyone know if there is a filter out there that is as nuts as it is ?.
It is amazing, I just would like to free up some space.

Thanks P

Hi Slammer22,

Yes indeed, the filter of the Neutron is not too bad. It's not the same but might go about the same direction, how about Doepfer - A124 VCF5 Wasp filter? That's a nuts filter too :-) You can download the review report that I made about it (see my below mentioned website under my signature) and go to chapter 6 for some sound examples. Or use this link that takes you directly to that review report:


But... ehm... why you don't take the Neutron out of your rack and put it back in it's original casing and then keep using it? I love the LFO of the Neutron, so useful once and a while. I have the Neutron still in my rack as well but I am going to put it soon back in it's original casing, as you mention, to free up some rack HP space; but I will still use the Neutron as well, no reason not to...

Good luck with whatever you decide (please let us know) and kind regards, Garfield.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to https://garfieldmodular.net/ for PDF formatted downloads