ModularGrid Rack

Hi all,

I've been slowly building my modular system over the last 6 months. I've gone through several phases of what I want out of it, and the conclusion I've come to is this system.. or something like it.. or not.. who knows..

- Control Skiff with Endorphines Shuttle Control, being driven by Squarp Pyramid. Control skiff also includes my envelope generators, plus maybe extra modulation/attenuators/verters.
- 2 voices plus drums. I have the option (kind of) of multitracking because I have several inputs on my interface, but honestly I don't think this case will ever need it because I'm focusing on studio production, so recording and overdubbing is most likely how I'll be using this, rather than for live use.
- I have a feeling that some who look at the rack will yell at me that I don't have enough CV or VCAs, but honestly this style has been working for me since its very determinstic dance music, and it isn't for live/generative/multitracking, so I can use what I have efficiently.. I think.

It is 2 voices, plus drums:
- Mannequins Mangrove + Radical Frequencies DPVCO, this can be further modulated by the Serge Ring, HN FM Aid, and the Bifold, and then with several different mixing options into the ACL Ladder Filter.
- Doepfer Quad Precision VCO into their quad vca and filter, and then I have the E440 and Three Sisters to further filter and modulate things. I'm thnking about other additions here, such as the Xaoc phaser or an EQ (maybe AJH finalizer) or something else to make these chords/pads sound nice. At the end of the chain is the Xaoc delay.

  • Drums are handled mostly by the Rossum Assimil8or with analog kick coming from BD909. As I mentioned earlier, I will not be multitracking, so I can actually use any combination of the processors in my rack for drum sounds. Plus the 100Grit seems like itll fit nicely to dirty up those samples.

  • Bottom row is my CV/modulation. It's not much... but I feel like its getting close to enough, Ochd, PNW, Maestro/E355 (not totally sold on these). Attenuators etc, and I have some more 1u attenuverters.

Think that covers everything. Thanks for checking out the post, let me know what you think!