Cool. Have to check those out!

The Happy Nerding 4x Stereo Mix is pretty good if you don't mind the dual knobs -
-- wishbonebrewery

How do the dual knobs work? Do they push in / pull out to switch which channel you're interacting with?

Awesome. Thanks sacguy71. Looks like a great little mixer. Perfect for what I’m looking for now.

Thank you friends. You comments are, as always, super helpful. Much food for thought! Is amazing the amount of knowledge there is here in the community.

Case is almost full and am thinking would like one of the last 2 8hp slots in the rack to add a second mixer. Perhaps something that doubles as an attenuverter. Had eyes on the Erogenous Tones Levit8, but can't quite squeeze it in.

Anyone have any suggestion? Thanks!