Thanks Lugia that's very helpful and thanks also for the module recommendations.

After speaking with the shop I bought the modules from it turns out that my Ripples filter has a VCA output on it, so I got it working by patching my gate CV into the Gain on the Ripples, and then patching out from the Ripples VCA :)


Total modular newbie here - got my first setup at the weekend!

I have a Boomstar Slim-O oscillator and a Frequency Central CEMvelope connected to my midi keyboard controller through a CV.OCD midi-cv box.

I can change the pitch of the Slim-O by passing the Channel-1 note pitch into the 1 v/o input but I can’t figure out how to get the note on/off when I press a key on my keyboard.

Can I achieve this using just the CEMvelope which has gate and trigger inputs as well as normal/inverse outputs, or do I need to add an additional VCA module to my setup?