So far I have found these.
But they're DIY tutorials. I cannot solder to save my soul.
are there any companies that can do this for me? Will I have to buy the pedal (s) and send in, or can I just buy them already as modules? I would prefer the first, but would use the second if I had to. Honestly, I would use either if I had some more money.

On my shortlist are the basics:
tremolo/wah wah

but I am open to anything

I looked at and found that it offers nothing even worth mentioning (it doesn't even compare with what you guys do)

…Maybe have it so that only subscription users could request/access the new modules? that would probably more than cover the costs of modelling and buying one of each module (provided that users request it enough)

please do bring it back!! and add more modules!

you have to filter modules by "playable in truegrid" when planning a truegrid rack. there are only about three dozen—it requires a lot of circuit modelling and stuff…I think.

How can I upload modules so that they can be played with truegrid? does this require modelling? Also, could we add a feature where there is a "request for TrueGrid" button, and the one with the most votes will be added (if users are unable to add their own) I would appreciate this!