Thanks for your feedback!

I won't be miking the whole kit, but rather one or two drums at a time. It should be said that this wasn't the initial purpose of the rack and it is still not supposed to be solely a drum mangler, but rather a external sound processor for live sound and/or samples. What sparked the idea of using Ears for this purpose was this demo:
However If the contact mic+drum thing doesn't work we'll try something else and save that idea for later and then I will definitely consider getting a Kong!

alt text

Me and a friend of mine are about to start a new experimental music project. The basic idea is that he’s gonna be playing drums and I'm going to use some contact mics to capture his playing and process it with my very-soon-to-be finished modular. Neither of us really know what we expect this to sound like, which is sort of the point. It will probably be noisy though.
I’m going for a pretty small setup to begin with, limiting myself to 84hp. Obviously this is never gonna be enough, but you gotta start somewhere. The modules in the rack are the ones I currently own, so there’s not a lot of room left. Only 14hp.

So, what do you suggest I fill the gap with?
I know I need an lfo and have had my eyes on the 2hp lfo v2 for some time. But I’m also considering a Peaks, seeing as it can do so many different things, is good value and the controls seem pretty straight forward.